Uniform and Grooming Code

Uniform and Grooming Guidelines

The following uniform and grooming guidelines will be used for this year.  A uniform company has been selected to provide a standard uniform to be purchased and worn from the first to the last day of the school year unless otherwise noted in writing.

The uniform and grooming guidelines at UCA are based upon the premise that all students attending our school are of equal importance and worth.  The UCA dress code seeks to place into practice the values of the worth and dignity of the individual as part of a larger student body.  We want to place the focus of your child’s time at school on learning, not what they are wearing or the hairstyle they have chosen.  Please be aware that the uniform and grooming code is intended to provide a guideline for a wide range of grades.

Final judgment about whether clothing is appropriate in meeting the school code will be the responsibility of the Director (or designee).  Decisions will always weigh in favor of a “modest-conservative” viewpoint.  The focus of the school should be on providing the least distracting learning environment for students.

The following guidelines will be used in school dress this year for all students attending UCA

All aspects of the Dress Code are governed by the Honor Code, which implies that all students should be reasonable, decent, and display good taste in their dress for school and school activities. The school uniform will be worn DAILY unless notified in writing by the Director. UNIFORM INSPECTION will occur daily during homeroom. Students who do not correct the uniform violation will be assigned after-school detention on Friday.

  • SHIRTS AND BLOUSES must be the OFFICIAL SCHOOL UNIFORM SHIRT and must be BUTTONED up the front with only the collar button being permitted to remain unbuttoned.
  • SHIRTS (Dress or polo): Uniform Dress shirts and uniform polo-knit shirts may only be worn with uniform dress slacks and MAY NOT be worn with any part of the PE UNIFORM or SPORTS SUIT.  Undergarments must be white and not hang out underneath the bottom of the shirt.  Undergarments must not detract from the uniform.  LOOSENESS OF FIT is required in the interest of modesty.
  • UNIFORM SLACKS Only the prescribed uniform pants sold at school will be permitted. Severe alterations to pants will not be permitted.
  • UNIFORM PE SHORTS may be worn to school as part of the uniform ONLY on the days the student has PE and must be worn with the UNIFORM PE SHIRT
  • PE UNIFORM: The PE uniform or SPORTS SUIT may only be worn in days when students have PE or on days when students have a scheduled after-school athletic activity.
  • SHOES (Dress Type Preferred) must cover the entire foot (No toes or heels exposed.) No sandals may be worn to school.  Shoe heels may be no more than two inches (2”) in height.
  • SNEAKERS (Tennis Shoes) may be worn with the school uniform.
  • MAKEUP may not be worn to school. This includes eyes, face and nails.
  • EAR RINGS may be worn only by female students and will be limited to one small set with one earring in each ear. Nose-rings and/or other piercings are not permitted.  Male students may not wear earrings to school.  In general, all jewelry should be limited and not expensive.
  • HAIR should be worn in conservative lengths and styles so as not to detract from the learning environment and student focus. This means no extreme mousse styling, no large “rooster” styles, no ponytails (boys).  Boys’ hair length must also be conservative with the neck fully exposed as well as out of their eyes.  Girls with long hair will be required to tie it back (this applies to all grade levels). NOTE: Students in KG1 will be exempt as they are not in the UCA uniform.
  • FINGERNAILS must be kept short. Artificial nails or fingernail polish of any color will not be allowed.
  • CAPS MAY NOT be worn inside school buildings at any time unless weather and building conditions warrant that hats be worn.
  • UCA SWEATERS/HOODIES with the school logo may be worn over the required white collared shirt. Sweatshirt and/or sweaters with non-UCA logos may not be worn.
  • JACKETS must be navy blue, black or brown or similar dark color. No flashy colors will be permitted. If a suitable jacket cannot be secured students will be required to purchase the UCA jacket.
  • LETTERMEN JACKETS may be purchased by 10th through 12th grade students with a 75% or higher academic average.
  • SWEATSHIRTS must be the UCA Logo sweatshirt. Non-uniform sweatshirts may not be worn to school.