Established over 100 years ago, overlooking the capital city of Beirut, Universal College – Aley (UCA) is a learning community committed to providing children with a very nurturing and highly individualized learning environment with a strong reputation of academic excellence. UCA is a college preparatory school, licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Education, offering the Lebanese Baccalaureate or the American Diploma. UCA was restored and re-opened as an Esol Education school in the year 2000, and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

Program of Studies

The Universal College of Aley offers an AMERICAN CURRICULUM program of studies that is “college preparatory” from KG1 through Grade 12.  English is the “language of instruction”.  Arabic is also taught from KG1.  The focus of everything offered at UCA is to maximize each student’s achievement and preparation for successful transition to university study after graduation from UCA.  This preparation begins in KG1 and continues through Grade 12.  A great deal of emphasis is placed on “vertical teaming” to provide for seamless transitions from grade-to-grade and a continuum of continuous progress for each student.

Learning targets have been identified at each grade level for each subject area.  These grade-level benchmark objectives have been derived from subject area KG1-12 syllabi.  Students are guided to construct knowledge through experiences and relationships among and within central themes of various disciplines while “learning to learn”.  Recognizing the dynamic nature of knowledge, instructional topics are selected and organized so that students can make clear connections between what is taught in the classroom and what they experience outside the classroom.  As students probe these relationships, they are encouraged to explore and question.  Multiple perspectives are sought through the integration of disciplines, student interests, and technological resources.  At UCA students will view central themes and subject matter from as many cultural and intellectual viewpoints as possible.

Honor Roll

Each core academic course is weighted by the number of periods held each week. Averages are compiled by multiplying the grade for each course by the number of periods it meets each week. This total is then divided by the total number of periods for the week. An Honor Roll will be calculated for each quarter and for the final year averages. It will be based on the core academic courses.

Core Academic Courses are English, Arabic, Math, Science and Social Studies.

HIGH FLYER HONORS       Quarter 1         Quarter 2

Students must achieve an average of 90%+ (89.5 and above will be rounded to 90.0) for all core academic courses and have no failing grades in any subject.

HAWK EYE HONORS       Quarter 1         Quarter 2

Students must achieve an average of 80%+ (79.5 and above will be rounded to 80%) for all core academic courses and have no failing grades in any subject.