Health and Safety Expectations for Students

Health and Safety Expectations for Students


Students will wear masks at all times while on campus. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times. Students will receive a warning the first time they are in violation of mask expectations. Students who violate expectations a second time will be removed from the campus. Students will be allowed to remove their masks to eat during breaks between exams. Students should replace their masks as soon as they are finished eating. 

Entrance to the Building 

Students are to proceed directly to their assigned testing room and assigned seat. Students are not allowed to congregate in the hallways or inside the classroom. Students will remain in their seats the entire duration of the exams unless they are given permission to use the restroom or when they are dismissed at the end of the day. 

Social Distancing 

Students are to remain at least two meters apart at all times. Physical contact between students is forbidden. Students are expected to observe all social distance markings on the hallway floors and walls at all times. Students who do not meet this expectation will be immediately removed from campus and will receive a zero on exams given that day. 


Breaks will take place at the student’s desk. Students are not allowed to leave their desk and must remain facing forward the entire time. Students are allowed to bring sandwiches or snacks to eat at their seats during their ten-minute break. 


Students’ parents will be called when they have completed their final exam for the day. Students will remain seated until their parents arrive. Upon their parent’s arrival, students will be escorted form the building. Students will enter their vehicle and immediately exit the campus.  

Students who walked to campus will be escorted from their classrooms by UCA personnel to the school gate. Students should immediately exit the campus. Students will not be allowed to socialize outside the gate 

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