Operations Fees Announcement – Arabic

إلى أولياء الأمور، لقد فرض علينا الواقع الإقتصاديّ الحاليّ إتّخاذ قرارات صعبة خلال العامين الماضيين. على الرّغم من صعوبتها، إلّا أّننا اتّخذناها بهدف ضمان جودة التّعليم. ونطمئنكم بأنّنا سنبذل جهدنا لخدمة طلّابنا ومجتمعنا التّعليميّ بكلّ ما في وسعنا.  منذ عام ٢٠١٩، كنّا حريصين على تخفيف العبء الماليّ على الأهل من أجل إبقاء المدرسة مفتوحة وضمان […]

Operations Fees Announcement

Dear UCA Parents and Guardians, We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy. The current economic reality of Lebanon has required us to make very difficult decisions the past two years. Although difficult to make, we take these decisions with a commitment to ensure the quality and character of a UCA […]

2021-2022 End of Year Message

Message from the Director I would like to begin my final message as the Director by expressing my sincerest gratitude to the members of our learning community who have made my time with UCA and the UCA Learning Community such an incredible experience. The past eight years have been truly life-changing for myself and my […]

Trials Procedures and Expectations

The UCA campus is open for student access from 8:00 a.m. every day trials will be held. Students are not allowed on campus before 8:00 a.m. Students arriving prior to 8:00 a.m. will not be allowed to pass through the gate. Supervision will not be provided outside the gate so parents are requested to ensure an adult is […]