Admission Policies

A UCA Admission Application must be completed for each prospective student along with the following attachments:

  • A letter of good conduct from previous school.
  • When the completed application is submitted to the Admissions Office, an appointment will be scheduled for an interview.
  • Passing an entrance examination is required to establish grade-level readiness.
  • Academic records for all schoolwork must be submitted prior to enrollment. Transfer credit for high school courses will be awarded based on these records.
  • Students of Lebanese nationality must submit a copy of their official LEBANESE ID CARD.
  • Students of other nationalities must submit a copy of their passport and a copy of their Lebanese visa.
  • Two recent passport photographs.
  • Health and immunization records.
  •  Academic records for the last two years.
  • Applicants wishing to transfer to UCA during a school year must also provide their current assessments.
  • Students entering Grades 9-10-11-12 under the American Program will receive a credit assessment after a review of their official transcripts and a program appointment will be scheduled to plan and set a course of study.
  • Students entering Grade-10 in the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program will be given “provisional” registration with the payment of fees until proof of Brevet certification has been provided and the results evaluated for Grade-10 readiness. In the event the Brevet is not passed at a 60% standard, registration fees will be refunded and admission denied.
  • Students coming from abroad must submit the following documentation (Ministry Requirement):
  • “certificate of enrollment” from the appropriate Education Ministry in their “home country” of residence
  • “certificate of enrollment” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon
  • An “equivalency certification” from the Lebanese Ministry of Education indicating the grade level in which the student may enroll in Lebanon.

Registration Fee/First Payment 40%

(10% at Registration and an additional 30% prior to attendance at the beginning of the school year). The 10% is a non-refundable fee that will secure enrollment and will be applied toward the tuition.

Tuition Fees Schedule

KG1-KG2-KG3 6,750,000 LL
Grades 1-2-3 7,150,000 LL
Grades 4-5 (Lebanese) 7,350,000 LL
Grade 5 ADP 7,500,000 LL
Grades 6-7-8 (Lebanese) 8,050,000 LL
Grades 6-7-8 (ADP) 8,200,000 LL
Grades 9-12 (Lebanese) 8,750,000 LL
Grades 9-12 (ADP) 8,900,000 LL