About our School


Our Philosophy

The Universal College – Aley is a College-Preparatory school serving an ethnically and religiously diverse student body.  UCA operates under the supervision of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and the full accreditation of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (Philadelphia, PA, USA).  The School provides an educational environment for our students to develop the capabilities of mind and character.

The requirements of life in our technologically advancing world in the 21st century require that students possess rigorous secondary and university degrees, and develop the skills for continuous and life-long learning.

UCA offers organized, formal instruction and activities.  The UCA administration, faculty and staff cooperate closely with parents, recognizing that formal schooling is only part of the larger educational function provided by parents, society and the culture within which a child develops.  The formal instruction and activities occur mostly within the school facility, with some activities taking place outside the school.  The language of instruction is English for all course work with the exception of Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies, and French Language studies.

Community Learning Expectations / Standards

The Universal College – Aley expects its students, faculty, and staff:

  • To be honest
  • To be helpful and cooperative with each other and guests
  • To be respectful and courteous towards each other and guests
  • To be punctual and respectful of each other’s time
  • To be responsible for home practice, study and class preparation
  • To meet timelines for assignments, projects and exams
  • To care for the personal property of classmates, colleagues and school.
  • To observe and obey all established school rules and policies.
  • To accept feedback, responsibility and consequences as desirable and necessary for healthy personal development.
  • To put forth maximum effort to achieve high academic standards and superior ethical behavior.
  • To assist in the learning process wherever and whenever possible as the opportunity arises.