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Our Vision

The Universal College-Aley has, since 1907, been a learning community united in its commitment to ensuring all students graduate with confidence and competence. The renewal and restoration of that commitment to bring the tradition of a quality education, personal excellence, a strong work ethic and an enthusiasm for life-long learning forward to the new millennium will provide “world-class” performance standards that can be applied to the “real world”. This will be achieved through the implementation of "quality" in instruction, operations, and leadership.

Our Mission

The Universal College-Aley is a school committed to educating students to be responsible, productive, and ethical citizens with the skills to reason critically, communicate effectively, learn continuously and think creatively when solving problems and making decisions. This mission is accomplished with an international student body in an environment that is caring and supportive, yet firm and structured.


The requirements of life in our technologically advancing world requires that students posses rigorous secondary and university degress to develop the skills for continuous and life-long learning. UCA offers organized, formal instruction and activities. The UCA administration, faculty and staff cooperate closely with parents, recognizing that schooling is only part of the larger educational function provided by parents, society and the culture within which a child develops. The formal instruction and activities occur mostly within the school facility, but some activities also take place outside the school. The language of instruction is English for all course work with the exception of Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies, and French Language Studies. The Universal College-Aley graduates thoughtful students who are stimulated by individual success and are capable of meeting future challenges. This is accomplished by providing a laboratory setting at all grade levels to establish and nurture the use of creative dialogue among all members of the school community. A daily focus on academic and personal excellence is at the core of our efforts to develop each student’s talents and abilities to the fullest. This is accomplished through the following values and beliefs to which we subscribe:

School Programs

High School

To meet the diverse interests and needs of UCA students, the school offers a challenging and comprehensive curriculum. Currently UCA offers the Lebanese Baccalaureate (LBP) and American Diploma (ADP) Programs. As UCA grows, the International Baccalaureate (IBP) Program may also be available in the future. UCA is committed to providing a quality education for each student. Attention is given to the student’s (a) performance in previous courses (b) the difficulty level of the courses and (c) any special learning needs the student exhibits. The UCA curriculum is designed to be college preparatory for all students, without exception. The UCA curriculum includes challenging course content, with a focus on study skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving and life-long learning. Teachers have high expectations for student performance at all grade levels and in all courses.

Middle School

The UCA Middle School includes Grades 6-7-8 for both the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program and the American Diploma Program. Grades 6-7-8 focus on building a sound level of basic skills and knowledge to facilitate academic success in Grades 9-12. English course work is the same for all programs with a continued emphasis on oral communication, listening, reading comprehension and writing effectively. Arabic Language studies focus on the same developmental areas as English. Students are scheduled based on the student’s Arabic proficiency regardless of the program being taken. Math and Science courses continue the development of basic skills in these areas at a higher level of sophistication and application. Grade-6 Science continues the Elementary Science sequence. Earth Science is given in Grade-7. Grade-8 Science includes elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics laying the groundwork for future advanced studies in all programs. Middle School Social Studies courses are separated by program as the ADP students will receive instruction in English and the LBP students will be taught in Arabic. The Exploratory program allows students to continue their development in Art, Music, Personal Development and Technology. Students rotate each quarter. The purpose of this program component is to enrich the student’s appreciation of the Fine Arts and provide continuous skill building in Computer Technology and French.


Except for Arabic, French and Arabic Social Studies (Grade-5 only), all other courses are taught in English. All disciplines focus on the development of essential basic skills and knowledge for future learning. Students will have daily classes (multiple periods at times) in English, Mathematics, Science, and Arabic. Students will also have weekly scheduled classes in French, Art, Music, Technology, and PE (all taught by subject area specialists). Learning in the Elementary Course of Study is designed to provide each and every student with an outstanding base of skills and knowledge so that the opportunities for success in the Secondary Course of Study will be greatly enhanced as the content and skills requirements become more complex and sophisticated. American textbooks are used for all core academic programs. Students enrolled in the American Diploma Program and the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program are not grouped separately through Grade-4. In Grade-5, students take either the Lebanese Social Studies (taught in Arabic) or the American Social Studies (taught in English). Special English, Special Arabic and Academic Tutorials will be available to students depending on language proficiency, program enrollment and academic progress.


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Our Vision

To provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning" QSS seeks to work alongside the parents and the community to help students develop skills to become independent and international citizens who will succeed and contribute to their local and global communities"

Our Mission

To equip students with the necessary tools to be able to maximize their fullest intellectual and human potential through motivating and challenging curricula while incorporating best practices in teaching and learning.

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